Tuesday, July 24, 2012

more googling... Equestrian Bride

I am obsessed with  Google Images search engine, searching for rustic country wedding ideas. Just when I thought I exhausted all bride on horseback pictures, I remembered: "Equestrian Bride" and I had to share my favourites...

Father of the Bride - wedding attire

The coolest thing about having a casual wedding has been the unlimited response from guest stating they can't wait to experience a non traditional reception, where their attire can be casual and comfortable, boring traditional meaningless activities (like cutting the cake- sorry if you are a believer that people must spend hundreds of dollars on a cake that tastes digusting because the icing is chewy) are skipped and the main objective is for the guests to have fun.

Just last weekend my dad sent me an email with a picture of his inspiration for the father of the bride attire.  How cool is my dad?  Now, all he has to do is grow his hair long....

Decorating with Icicle lights and Tulle Fabric

A few rolls of tulle from your local Lens Mill and a few borrowed strands of icicle lights (make sure it's white wire) and you have a great focal point for the indoor tent decorations, and the bonus of doing it yourself, is that you don't have to spend $900 for the decorator (yeah- that's what I was quoted!!!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pomanders - a simple aisleway decoration for the ceremony

I have never heard the word pomander before I started searching for wedding decorations.  Easily made out of tissue paper, they are an inexpensive way to decorate the aisleway of your ceremony site with flower hangers from your local hardware sorry.